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  • Warranty

    As an RAC Dealer we offer RAC Warranty as standard on eligible cars, as well as a choice of extended warranty products. Our extended warranties are offered at various levels of mechanical and electrical component coverage and offer flexible claims limits which allow us to tailor your RAC Warranty to your personal needs. Please ask for further information as to the current options available for RAC warranty.

    RAC warranties are available at 4 separate levels of coverage from Silver, through Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus. Since these packages are subject to change we do not publish the current specifics of each package on our website. Please get in touch to discuss the options available for the car you're looking to warranty. We will be happy to discuss all the specifics of RAC Warranties and their various levels.

    We offer a level of RAC Warranty as standard on all eligible cars. Cars with RAC Warranty available as standard are normally required to be less than 8 years old and have less than 80,000 miles. RAC standard warranty cover periods do vary and are offered as standard by the RAC from 3 months up to 36 months, this can depend on the model of car, as well as age and mileage.

    RAC Breakdown Coverage

    As an RAC dealer our used cars are typically offered as standard with RAC Breakdown cover on top of an RAC Warranty. This gives our customers extra peace of mind that if anything unfortunate were to happen to their new car then they will be well looked after. 

    RAC offers complimentary breakdown cover for your first 12 months of car ownership on eligible vehicles.

    RAC Dealer

    RAC Breakdown Cover and RAC Warranty are not the only two benefits of buying a used car from an RAC Dealer. The RAC also ensures that various checks are done to all of our vehicles before sale to do our best to ensure your are buying a car that is fit for purpose. This includes an 82 point vehicle check (written by the RAC) and vehicle history checks available for all of our vehicles to ensure the car has not be written off or stolen.

    Ask Us About Our Warranties